’t Raboes – Eemnes, The Netherlands

Marina ’t Raboes is located in the polder, surrounded by water and greenery. It is a marina for people who love nature and watersports. The harbor is in the middle of a quiet area, where some rare birds breed. A place where nature, environment and tranquility are important.

The marina is being developed as sustainable as possible. The port building has solar panels, the area is gas-free and eletric sailing is encouraged. The Groundfridge fits the identity of the place. It is used to store food from the vegetable garden. For long summer evenings, the Groundfridge offers the perfect place to cool wine.

Beach Garden - Vlieland, The Netherlands

The annual festival ‘Into The Great Wide Open’ takes place on peninsula ‘Vlieland’. The Beach Garden is realised for this cultural festival in The Netherlands. A temporary ‘Beach Pavilion’ creates a relation between the elements: sun, sea, wind and sand.

The Beach Garden is self-sufficient and makes use of everything what the beach has to offer. The Groundfridge fits in perfectly. It stays cool in the Groundfridge due the high water level in the ground - the ideal space for the storage of food and drinks.

De Kleine Campus - Arnhem, The Netherlands

Near the city center of Arnhem a former school is transformed into a work- and living place. The monumental building has been restored to its former glory and adapted to this time. De Kleine Campus is the perfect location for companies and individuals who believe in a sustainable working environment. Better results and happier people are caused by the dynamic use of both space, knowledge and facilities.

For the development of the Groundfridge, the garden of De Kleine Campus is used as a testing ground. It fits in with the sustainable and green environment of De Kleine Campus. 

It is possible to view the Groundfridge here. Contact us to make an appointment. 


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