Order and delivery time

What is the delivery time of the Groundfridge?

Please allow approximately eight weeks for delivery. You’ll find the expected delivery date of your Groundfridge indicated on your quotation.

When will the Groundfridge be available in my country?

Groundfridge deliveries to Benelux countries commenced in June 2019. Deliveries to the rest of Europe commenced from 2020. Deliveries overseas are set to commence in 2021 / 2022. We will keep u posted about the availability. 

How can I order the Groundfridge?

Fill in the form and you will receive a quotation. You will get a quotation including the expected delivery time. After the first payment, the reservation will be final.

Is there a maximum number of Groundfridges that I can order?

As a start-up we do not produce large numbers yet, so the following applies: a maximum of one Groundfridge per address. For larger quantities or professional projects, please contact us. 

Groundfridge (technical) properties

What are the dimensions and weight of the Groundfridge?

All dimensions can be found here.

What is the temperature in the Groundfridge?

The temperature level inside your Groundfridge will more or less match the temperature on its outside at a depth of one metre below ground. Its interior temperature is affected by local factors such as soil type, groundwater levels, exposure to sunlight, mound vegetation and the average outside temperature. The general temperature of the Groundfridge in the Netherlands fluctuates between 4 and maximum 15 degrees.

How can the door be locked?

The door has been fitted with a padlock option and can be opened both from the inside as well as the outside. The padlock option will accommodate most regular padlocks. The padlock is not included with your Groundfridge.

Is the Groundfridge available in different colors?

The Groundfridge is currently available in white (RAL 9002). This color ensures that the Groundfridge is well lit, due to reflection. The color of the door is green (RAL 6021) so it will merge in the landscape.

What is the Groundfridge used for?

The Groundfridge is suitable for various purposes. It's designed for storing your wine, provisions or supplies for your vegetable garden for example. Suprise us with you ideas. View some options here

What is the capacity?

The total volume of the Groundfridge is 7.82 m3 and 3,000 liters of storage will fit on the shelves. This is on average the harvest of a 250 m2 vegetable garden. Do not stack its shelves with more than 500 kg of supplies.

How sustainable is the Groundfridge?

The Groundfridge only needs power from its rechargeable battery for ventilation. The air is refreshed during the coolest hour of the night through a fan powered by a battery. 

Which materials have been used?

The Groundfridge is made out of fibre-reinforced composite and has been fitted with a 8-to-10-centimetre layer of sustainable premium-quality foam insulation. The door is also made out of fibre-reinforced composite and has also been fitted with a layer of premium-quality foam insulation. It has also been fitted with stainless steel hinges and door fittings. The shelving inside your Groundfridge is made of uncoated waterproof plywood (21 mm). Read here more about the design.

Returns and warranty

Groundfridges come with a two-year warranty. The components covered by this warranty are its casing, door, door fittings, shelving and all other non-electrical components. More information about warranties and return can be found here


Apart from a cleaning to make the Groundfridge look bright and fresh on the inside, the Groundfridge needs no maintenance. You can maintain the wooden cabinet at your own discretion.

How will the air ventilate in the Groundfridge?

Your Groundfridge is fitted with a ventilator. This battery-driven ventilator offers you the option of setting ventilation times to your desired specifications. Night venting will have a positive effect on reducing the interior temperature - letting the cold night air flow in makes it drop rather rapidly. We recommend venting your Groundfridge at least one full hour every twenty-four hours.

Delivery and installation

How does the delivery and installation proceed, and what are the costs?

Delivery and installation of your Groundfridge are not included in the purchase price. As such, you, the buyer, will have to commission its installation yourself. We have drafted a set of instructions to help you install your Groundfridge. Please consult the Installation Manual when installing your Groundfridge.

We are able to connect you to a third party that has experience with installing Groundfridges. Should you so desire, you may elect to request them to install your Groundfridge for you.

How deep should the Groundfridge be placed?

Installing your Groundfridge will require you to dig out a 2.20 metre deep hole 2.5 x 2.5 metres in size. Look for more information in the Installation Manual

Can I place the Groundfridge manually?

You certainly can and we encourage that. It takes a bit longer but you make less impact on the environment by digging a precise hole. The Groundfridges weight is 300 kg. 

How much ground should there be on the Groundfridge?

You’ll need the soil you take out in digging this hole again later for covering your Groundfridge with after it has been dropped into the ground. This will leave a mound five metres in diameter. The Groundfridge must have at least one meter of soil covering it. We recommend using one cubic meter of white sand at the bottom of the hole before placing the Groundfridge. White sand follows the round shape of the Groundfridge very well - supporting it. We advice to add more soil at the top of the Groundfridge. The layer of soil covering your Groundfridge should not be more than 1.5 metres thick. Make sure to disperse the topsoil evenly across your Groundfridge and mound.

How much space do I need in the garden?

The diameter of the Groundfride is 228 cm. Because the excavated soil is placed over the Groundfridge, a diameter of 5 meters is required.

Which vegetation can I place on top of the Groundfridge?

We recommend local plants and trees that can withstand drought and provide plenty of shade. Vegetation such as grasses are often ideal. The right vegetation protects the soil for sunlight/high temperature. 

Is it possible to ship the Groundfridge? And how much does this cost?

The Groundfridge fits in a sea container and truck and can therefore be shipped. However, for now we will only deliver to Europe.

We have a high ground water level. Can we still install the Groundfridge?

Ground water cools the Groundfridge, so a high ground water level is great. It ask for a special attention during the installation. Contact us for advice of our local contractor. 

In which soil types can the Groundfridge be set in?

Groundfridges can be set into any soil type. The techniques and material required for installing your Groundfridge, along with its commensurate costs will be determined by the precise location and the local parameters of your designated site. Do you have a question about this? Contact us. 

Which crane is required for lifting the Groundfridge?

Lifting your Groundfridge will require the aid of a mobile crane capable of lifting at least 10 t. Your Groundfridge has been fitted with hoisting lugs to aid its installation and removal. Do not relocate your Groundfridge before taking all of its contents and interior shelving out first.

How much weight is allowed on the Groundfridge?

The layer of soil covering your Groundfridge should not be more than 1.5 metres thick. Make sure to disperse the topsoil evenly across your Groundfridge and mound. Do not plant any trees, or place any other objects, near your Groundfridge that may potentially encumber your Groundfridge with a load of more than 50 kg/m2. No more than two persons should ever move around on top of the mound covering your Groundfridge at any one time.

Can I influence the temperature in the Groundfridge in a positive way?

We recommend that you locate your Groundfridge in a dark area, so as to allow it to avoid any build-up of heat. You may also elect to cover your mound with plants to reduce heat exposure. Please refer to this page for some tips on what mound vegetation you might want to add in. And your Groundfridge is fitted with a ventilor. Read more.

Do I need a planning permission for installing the Groundfridge?

Installing your Groundfridge will usually not require you to obtain planning permission. We do, however, recommend that you always check with your local council whether this indeed also applies to your situation. The buyer will at all times bear the sole responsibility for timely seeking any required planning permission.

Which plants can I put on the Groundfridge?

Adorning your covering mound with vegetation will have a positive effect on the temperature inside your Groundfridge. Planting big-leaved plants and bushes on top of your mound will reduce heat build-up. We would advise you not to put in any invasive vegetation such as Japanese knotweed, for example. Read more

Cooperation and exhibitions

Is the Groundfridge available for exhibitions?

We love to participate in exhibitions. The Groundfridge is available for exhibitions depending on availability.

Is there a possibility to work together?

We love to cooperate. Contact us with your proposal. 


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