The Groundfridge is designed by Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek. Schoonderbeek is known for his down to earth ideas and sustainable solutions. His fresh ideas about functionality and technology resulted in his award winning Dutchtub, a charge point for electric cars - the Loloo, the outdoor lamp Guidelight and now the award winning Groundfridge.

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“The Groundfridge is a combination of an old and proven technique and a present-day application.”

About design

As a nominated product for the Dutch Design Awards, the Groundfridge is well received by the professional press and has over 50 million views on social media. The enormous response to the launch of the Groundfridge shows it is not only a functional and easy to install cellar but also a great object for your garden and a nice space to be in. It’s an icon for a more sustainable solution for food storage.

The entrance is wide and high so you can walk in and out upright - with a case of vegetables or that great red wine in your hands. The design is clear like a cellar with some friendly details: it’s round and the white, smooth surface makes it feel spacious and clean. Only the door remains visible once the Groundfridge is installed, so it’s well detailed and made with sturdy materials.


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